Alliance Freeze Dry Ltd is a Canadian based, internationally focused, organization focused on excellence.  We strive to create the best freeze dry products available through cutting edge technology and continual research.

Alliance focuses on food, including functional food and natural supplements.  We work to reduce production costs while increasing product quality.

Through our network of allied freeze dry plants Alliance Freeze Dry Ltd can freeze dry nearly any product.  We can deliver the freeze dried ingredients your business needs, or freeze dried process products on a fee for service basis.

Some example products

fd_blueberry_thumb fd_cranberry_thumb fd_green_beans_thumb fd_broccoli_crowns_thumb fd_sliced_pink_lady_thumb fd_sliced_strawberries_thumb fd_sliced_kiwi_thumb fd_corn


Chicken  Dices Diced Beef meat dices diced meat diced salmon


Alliance Freeze Dry Ltd also offers:

Freeze Dry Technology

Research and Development for freeze dry products

Freeze Dry Plant Development


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